Our Agents

Live  in  Laramie   Real Estate  .

Brenda Whitman,                 Broker/Owner

Cell - 307.399.5477         Email:  brenda@liveinlaramie.com

Licensed and active in real estate sales since 2009.  I work hard to make the buying or selling process as easy as possible for my clients.   Each transaction has different challenges and I work side by side with clients to assure the goal of a successful closing.  

I love what I do and I get to meet so many wonderful people.  It has been an amazing journey with every day being a new learning experience.  Call me anytime to get started on your real estate journey!


Ron Whitman,         Sales Associate/Owner
Cell - 307.760.6156              Email:  ron@liveinlaramie.com

Licensed and active in real estate sales and property management since 2006.  . Since retiring from teaching after 30 years of service, Ron is now available full time to work with his Real Estate clients.

You will find his hands-on approach and assertive style to be an huge asset in helping you with the sale or purchase of your home.  If you need to rent one of the properties under our management, Ron is always ready to take your calls.


Chelsea Janzen,         Realtor/Sales Associate

Cell - 307-761-1231       Email:   chelsea@liveinlaramie.com

Licensed in 2017, Chelsea had an outstanding two years in Real Estate sales and service.   She drew upon her  years of marketing experience and excellent customer care to help her clients close deals.  She has a natural knack for putting people at ease and knows how to get the job done.  You will definitely want Chelsea on your side if you are selling your home or looking for a new one!

P.S  Chelsea has single-handedly transformed our Live in Laramie Facebook page - imagine what she could do for your home!

Alicia Arollo,                  Realtor/Sales Associate

​Cell - 307-760-8110             Email:  alicia@liveinlaramie.com

Our Guiding Principals

We believe that listening to our clients and focusing our energies , skills and knowledge on helping clients get what they want is the best use of all our time.    

For Buyers that means looking at the properties they want to look at when they want to look at them.  We share our market knowledge and educate as necessary along the way.  When the time comes to make an offer, we will provide the information you need to feel confident about your offer.

For Sellers that means giving you the most accurate picture possible of the Laramie market and comparable homes.  Pricing your property correctly is the #1 most essential thing you can do when selling your home.  We work hard to get your property seen and sold.  We take pride in creating an engaging listing that prompts buyers to pause and take a closer look instead of clicking on through to the next house.

We are super excited to start 2018 with a new tool - the Matterport 3D Camera!  With our link to Matterport technology, we can create virtual tours that potential buyers can access at any time with any internet connection.  We are the first real estate company in Laramie to offer this technology and we can't wait to see the benefits and competitive edge it will give to the sellers we work with. 

To see a Matterport 3D tour in action, go to our featured listings page and click on the Matterport tour link found in any of the listings and take a tour for yourself.  It's both amazing and fun!